Ideas And How To Use

Cake Decorating Stencil

Ideal for use with buttercream icing, royal icing, ready to spread icing and sugarpaste.

How to use:

Traditional Stencilling:

Take a small amount of your decorating icing and with a flexible knife or a stencil Flexi-Spreader, spread evenly across stencil. Lift stencil carefully to avoid smearing. When making words or repeat patterns, ensure each letter has dried before stencilling the next.


Roll out sugarpaste icing. Gently press the stencil onto the icing and roll over stencil. Lift stencil away carefully and you will be left with an embossed image.


Lightly coat the back of the stencil with vegetable fat to prevent sticking and then gently press stencil onto rolled sugarpaste. Using a paintbrush or shaker dust with edible glitter, cocoa powder or icing sugar.

Tips and Tricks:

   ~ If using ready to spread icing make sure it's at room temperature.
   ~ If writing whole words, it may be easier to stencil each letter separately onto sugarpaste squares and then assemble the word
      or phrase.
   ~ For uneven topped cakes, such as cupcakes, stencil the pattern onto icing on a flat surface, cut out the icing using a cookie cutter
      and then place the stencilled icing onto the cake.

Why not experiment? We'd love to hear your ideas on how to use our stencils and welcome your suggestions for our website.

All our stencils are manufactured in Britain using 250um (10 mils) food grade polyester and are designed for repeated professional use. Hand wash only in warm soapy water, do not wash in a dishwasher. Wash in warm soapy water before use.