How To Shop

Browse By Category

From the 'SHOP' menu on the left, click a category that you would like to browse.

More Product Information

Click on the 'MORE' button to see a larger picture and additional information.

Adding Products To Your Shopping Cart

1) Click on the 'MORE' button of a product that you would like to buy to view the order screen.

2) Enter the quantity required in the quantity box.

3) Press the 'Add To Cart' to add your selection to the shopping cart. A separate tab/window will be created showing your shopping cart.

4) To continue shopping, whilst viewing your shopping cart, either press the 'Continue Shopping' button, or click on the 'WibbleJelly Designs' tab in your browser window.

Paying For Your Shopping

Press the 'Proceed to checkout' button on the shopping cart window. This will transfer you to our Paypal checkout page, follow the instructions on the page to pay for your order.

No Paypal Account?

You do not need to have a Paypal account to purchase form WibbleJelly Designs, if you encounter problems please contact us so we can help you. Click here for more instructions.